Transportation Solutions for All Industries

Aligned Digesters provides hauling solutions for all industries. With multiple years of experience in hauling and over 12k loads hauled per year, Aligned will have a hauling solution for you.

How Transportation Works


Aligned provides various hauling options to our clients. With a focus on a greener future, Aligned strives to haul with near-zero NOx vehicles. With the help of our existing Dairy Digester Projects producing RNG, we can accomplish a closed loop system for our dairy operations with hauling our own milk. Likewise we can assist any other industry with their goals. By doing so, we are able provide our environment with what it deserves, while maintaining competitive hauling rates utilizing RNG Fuel.

Regular Transportation 

How Aligned Digesters Can Help You Deliver

RNG Transportation

Hauling RNG from the source to a designated injection site or designated RNG facility is our bread and butter. The heart of our business is producing biogas, we understand the logistics and the importance of getting it to a distributable location.

CNG Transportation

CNG is a current commodity in most households. We understand the importance of supplying Natural Gas to houses and business. In times of emergencies or Natural Gas Pipeline maintenance, we can supply CNG transportation services to serve those in demand.

Milk Hauling Services

Our current hauling portfolio includes hauling over 12,000 tanker trailer loads of milk a year. The logistics, maintenance, and fulfilment of personnel is all done in house. We pride ourselves in providing the best milk hauling services of this class.

Commercial Hauling

With an exemplary track record in hauling, we offer extended services in commodity hauling, bulk material hauling, reefer hauling, and utility trailer hauling.

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The Aligned Commitment

Competitive Rates

Our vast experience, hauling flexibility, and partnership relationships allow us to provide a leading class service with competitive hauling rates. Our fuel selections and diversity in markets augment and fortify our ability to provide the best available fixed price hauling solutions.

Responsible Drivers

Personnel selection at Aligned is among the most important things for our company. We strive to provide competitive employee wages and benefits to all of our staff. Experience is key for our drivers. We practice accountability through the actions of each employee and promote a safe and sound work environment in order to progress the same output to our clients.

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