Renewable Natural gas for Haulers

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Aligned Digesters is dedicated to helping your company maintain regulatory compliance by converting your fleet to renewable natural gas. We help you secure financial incentives for fleet conversion so your company can reduce its total fuel cost and environmental impact.

How We Help Your Company

Companies are already incorporating vehicles fueled by renewable natural gas (RNG) into their fleets. As your company adopts environmentally-responsible practices, Aligned Digesters is here to help you make a better world for all of us.

Fleet Conversion

At Aligned Digesters, we understand the importance of cost when determining whether or not to convert your fleet. We will help you secure any available financial incentives from local, state, or federal programs that are designed to assist you with converting from diesel fuel to clean natural gas.

Price Security

We guarantee the diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) of the renewable compressed natural gas (RCNG) fuel we supply is less than diesel for the duration of the fuel supply contract. This provides operators peace of mind knowing they will have consistently lower fuel costs than the competition running conventional diesel tractors.

Build Locations

As we help you convert your fleet to renewable natural gas (RNG), we ensure that all haulers will have convenient RNG fueling stations within a reasonable distance, ensuring that your trucks always have a reliable source of fuel.

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Learn how we can help your company benefit from aligning with innovation and a cleaner future.


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