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Our History

The vision for Aligned Digesters was born in the heart of Brent Verwey as he searched for a way to help support the dairy business of his father, Mr. Philip Verwey. As the son of a dairy owner, Brent, is personally familiar with the struggles that dairy owners face while attempting to run a dairy and maintain a consistent revenue stream.

After learning about the benefits and opportunities available with anaerobic digesters, Brent constructed anaerobic digesters on his father’s farm and added an additional source of revenue to his father’s existing dairy operation. Buoyed by the success of the anaerobic digesters on his father’s dairy farms, Brent studied and travelled to anaerobic digesters all over the world so he could perfect the anaerobic digester’s design. Once Brent had perfected his design for anaerobic digesters, he started Aligned Digesters.

Our Mission

Future. Innovation. Value.

Aligned Digesters collaborates with dairy owners to convert the biogas currently being generated by their dairies into renewable natural gas that is used by organizations and companies to implement sustainable practices in their companies and fleets. The sale of biogas generates revenue for dairy farmers, helps companies and organizations incorporate environmentally-responsible practices, and a “greener” future for us all.


We’re always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team as we expand across the West Coast. If you have experience with project management, architecture, maintenance, engineering and agriculture, please use the form on the right to begin your career inquiry.

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