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Most dairies recycle the waste from their herds and use it as fertilizer. While this is an efficient use of the waste stream, you can also use our anaerobic digesters to turn your dairy’s methane by-products into a valuable source of renewable energy. This energy can be sold to third parties, used to power your dairy operation, or used as a renewable fuel to support hauling services within the dairy industry.

What Are Anaerobic Digesters?

Anaerobic digesters are systems designed to allow microorganisms to break down the organic waste that’s produced by your livestock. As the waste decomposes and is “digested” by these microorganisms, it produces methane. This methane by-product is purified and compressed into a usable fuel source either by the dairy or external companies.

Types of Digesters

This system is suited for environments with colder temperatures and can process highly solid (11% and above) intake. This system is capable of handling multiple waste types like food waste, in addition to livestock waste.
This is the most cost-effective digester system and is suitable for warm environments. It is ideal for diluted waste (less than 2% solidity) like flushed dairy manure or dairy parlor wash water.
This is the most versatile anaerobic digester of the three system designs, capable of handling feedstock with a wide range of solidity. Located above ground, these tanks are typically heated to preserve optimal temperatures.

How Aligned Digesters Can Help Your Dairy


Quick Development

Many projects have development timeframes that span multiple years. Our project models emphasize short development timeframes. With the value of biogas at all-time highs, we work with our project partners to generate revenue as soon as possible.

Dairy First

This company was created with the dairy industry in mind. Each project is developed with a “dairy first” mentality meaning every deal starts and ends with the dairy operation receiving its fair share with no additional liabilities, obligations, or risk.

Zero Expense

We secure all of the project funding and manage the project from construction through to ongoing operation and maintenance, leaving you to focus on your dairy operation while the digester works for you.

Strategic Partners

We’ve partnered with Industry Leaders in Biogas Development, Biogas Storage and Transport, Operation and Maintenance, and Environmental Credit Generation and Monetization to maximize the performance and longevity of the project.

Project Experience

Our team owns and operates multiple biogas-to-renewable-energy projects. Annually, we produce and monetize biogas from thousands of dairy cows.


Guaranteed Project Delivery

We do not require any commitments until we can guarantee to deliver the project without any caveats or contingencies.

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